What's your first name?

...and your last name?

...and your phone number?

Ok, good. Thank you {{answer_48528119}}.

A few more basic questions...

Is this your first time working with us?

We're happy that you are here. Since this is your first time working with us, we're going to give you a 10% discount.

You didn't even have to ask!

How did you hear about our studio?

What did you search for?

Which one of these best describes you?

" I'm here to...

Would you also like to schedule an appointment?

An appointment is a very good idea if you need to see examples of papers.

Please select a date.

Note: We'll need to confirm this with you before you come in.
What time would you like to come in on {{answer_48529394}}?

The first part of any successful printing project is having high quality files for print. If you have files we'll give you a way to send them to us. If you need files from an original piece of artwork we've got you covered.

Scanning Services // Tell us a bit about your originals.

How many? What sizes? Unframed? On Paper?

Also, if they are fragile, please note that here.
Is anything on the surface reflective or metallic?

What resolution would you like your final files to be?

How would you like to receive the files?

Are you also interested in printing services?

What are you interested in printing on?

Please give us some additional details.

Example: Print Sizes. Quantities. Special Finishing Requirements. 

Note: Save the details on deadline and job delivery for later. Thats part is up next.
Do you need white borders on your prints?

What size borders do you want?

White Borders // Additional Clarification:

In a previous question, you hopefully gave us an idea of what your final print sizes are. Since you have indicated that you want white borders, we need a little more info.

OK. Lets talk about proofing.

If you select the first option here, we are not responsible for your prints not being what you expected. We recommend this option only for people with a properly color managed workflow. Please contact us for more information.

Please elaborate a bit, and tell us what your expectations are for proofing.

What size proofs do you want?

How are we going to get your print files?

Tell us about the deadline on this project.

When do you need this job completed?

You have a few options when your job is complete.

If you select shipping or delivery we'll add it to your invoice.

Please provide an address and any special delivery instructions.

Make sure to double check the address, as we will assume that it is correct.

In general, payment is due up front. For orders over $200,  a deposit of 75% may be applied upon request. Balance will be due on receipt of prints, or before we ship them.

We do not refund production deposits due to the fact that we often order paper and materials specific to individual jobs. Changes to the scope of production will result in either a revised invoice, or a credit on your account.

Turn around time is generally 3 - 5 days, however that can and does occasionally change depending on our workload at any time.

Anything needed in less than 3 days is considered a rush job and will be billed based on when you need it completed.

All proofs will be marked with a stamp indicating that they are proofs and can not be used as final prints. *

Any final details or things you forgot to mention?

Thanks {{answer_48528119}}.

If you need to share files with us, please send links to:

If you would like to upload files to our dropbox, please use this link:

We look forward to working with you.
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